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The Invention Convention Worldwide Advisory Council includes ICW affiliates and industry experts who volunteer and advise on program strategies for growth and development, such as impact strategies, DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness and Accessibility), strategic initiatives and partnerships, and sustainability.

Thank you to these invention education advocates and for helping us Invent it Forward.

See card : Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker competed in two Invention Convention U.S. Nationals events, winning awards at each. He is currently an undergraduate at Duke University.

Invention Convention Impact

Collins Aerospace

Mary Lombardo

"Invention Convention has multidimensional value from engaging young inventors with a global ecosystem and broadening their perspectives while still enabling them to have an impact in the world directly in front of them."


Stephanie Couch

"Invention Convention Worldwide offers an incredible opportunity to support young inventors on the pathway to invention!"

The B.I.T. Group

Louis Patler

"My time on the Advisory Council of the Invention Convention Worldwide and a judge for the national and international competitions has been an eye-opening delight. Young minds. Young ideas. Bright future.”

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