Invention Convention Curriculum

A Framework Using the Steps of the Invention Process

Enhance student understanding of invention and how it works in the real world.

Developed by Educators, for Educators

The K-12 Invention Convention curriculum has been developed and put to the test by educators for over 30 years.

The Invention Convention Curriculum uses a framework that follows the seven steps of the invention process. It includes introductory lessons to help students get started. It also introduces students to entrepreneurial concepts to get them thinking about what happens beyond the invention process.

Invention Convention

Bringing the Invention Process to Life

The seven-step invention process lives at the heart of the Invention Convention curriculum. Students complete step-by-step lessons to develop an invention that is original and well-constructed and that solves a real-world problem.


Becoming aware of problems in one’s life or community.


Conducting research to identify a unique solution.


Developing a project plan for the invention.


Deciding how to make the invention.


Constructing a prototype.


Seeing how the invention works and revising the design as needed.


Writing about the invention and presenting it to others.

Curriculum for Your Classroom

Explore ready-to-use invention lesson plans and activities to foster innovative thinking skills. 

Lesson Plan

Invention Logbook

Introduction: This lesson introduces students to a logbook and how it supports the invention process.

Invention Convention

K - 2

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Lesson Plan

Jungle Survival

Designing: This learning project will help students work through the design process in a fun, hands-on activity.

Invention Convention


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Lesson Plan

What Is an Invention?

Introduction: This lesson introduces students to the concept of an invention.

Invention Convention


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Lesson Plan

Understanding My Problem

Understanding: This lesson introduces students to the importance of researching a problem before designing a solution.

Invention Convention


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Lesson Plan

Does My Invention Already Exist?

Building: This lesson will help students understand originality and why it is important in the invention process.

Invention Convention


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Lesson Plan

Pitch Practice

Communicating: This lesson helps students create and practice a pitch for their invention.

Invention Convention


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