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Affiliates share a vision of a world in which all learners have access to innovation, invention and entrepreneurial learning.

Advancing Invention Education

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Student Inventors

Affiliates are helping students diiscover and develop their potential as innovators, inventors or entrepreneurs.

Invention Convention U.S. Nationals

Where Local Winners Meet and Compete

The Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals is one of a growing number of national competitions in various countries organized by Invention Contention Worldwide.

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Inspiring and Motivating Students

The Experiential Learning Program for Young Inventors

Coalition members expose students to a world in which they will solve their own problems and gain the confidence and 21st-century skills to invent their own future.

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Affiliates are inspired and highly respected organizations and educators who operate local-, regional- and state-level Invention Convention programs.



Female inventor participants at U.S. Nationals


Underserved inventor participants at U.S. Nationals


Students participate annually

Put Invention Within Reach

For K-12 Learners Everywhere

Invention Convention programs happen at the school, local, regional and national levels in the United States and a growing number of countries worldwide.

Invention Convention Worldwide

Where innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs get their start.


Invention Convention
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Empower a new generation of innovators.


Bringing Young Innovators Together

Winning inventors and entrepreneurs are invited to compete at these prestigious, high-profile annual events.