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See card : Invention Convention Texas


Invention Convention Texas

state level affiliate

We seek to contribute to Texas's social and economic growth by developing innovative students capable of shaping a better future for our community.

Invention Convention Texas
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Mexico Inventa

National affiliate

Mexico Inventa boosts and promotes the new generation of inventors in Mexico.

Mexico Inventa
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Northeastern Wisconsin

Northeastern Wisconsin Invention Convention

Regional affiliate

Our free grade 4-7 programs give children the chance to follow their natural curiosity and surprise themselves with what they can do.  

Northeastern Wisconsin Invention Convention
See card : Middle Tennessee State Invention Convention


Middle Tennessee

Middle Tennessee State Invention Convention

Founding regional level affiliate

Providing a fun and dynamic way for fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students to engage in divergent thought. Teachers guide students through the design process to create an invention.

Middle Tennessee State Invention Convention

Invention Convention Worldwide

Where innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs get their start.


Invention Convention
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Empower a new generation of innovators.


Bringing Young Innovators Together

Winning inventors and entrepreneurs are invited to compete at these prestigious, high-profile annual events.