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Invention Convention Worldwide is a K-12 invention education program that teaches students problem-identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship and creativity skills and builds confidence in invention, innovation and entrepreneurship for life. Invention Convention programs happen at the school, local, regional and national levels in the United States and a growing number of countries worldwide.

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In today's K-12 classrooms, students are tackling some of the most complex global challenges of our time, like climate action, cybersecurity, water scarcity, food security and infectious disease. For educators preparing their students for the future of STEM, convergence education offers a transdisciplinary approach to real-world problem-solving and phenomenon-bases learning. Invention education programs, like Invention Convention Worldwide, are one of the established practices to consider implementing in your classroom.

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Convergence Education Tackles Global Challenges

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The Henry Ford is committed to inspiring tomorrow’s innovators and helping learners from all backgrounds develop the skills they need to address global challenges.

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Our K-12 Invention Convention curriculum and methods have been developed and put to the test by educators for over 30 years. Our curriculum follows a framework that uses the steps of the invention process. It enables students to understand invention as it takes place in the real world every day.

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