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Invention Conventions happen through schools, after-school programs, clubs and other organizations. State and local Invention Convention programs are springing up all over the world!

Event Schedule

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

ICW Inventor Alumni Panel

We’re thrilled to present a star panel of recent Invention Convention participants who have gone on to great success: Tennessee teen Maddox Pritchard, who scored big on Shark Tank for his invention Measuring Shovel, and Norah Kalb, inventor and founder of Ray-Board, a product she brought to market. Other inventors from across the country will join us for this panel discussion of star students. Q&A to follow. Hosted by Kid Reporter Lino Marrero.

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

ICW Expert Panel

Now’s your chance to ask questions of the experts, including Julie Montoya, a Raytheon Intelligence & Space lead systems engineer on a space program, and Donna Groth, Collins Aerospace technical project manager for the Mars Rover Optics program. Open to the public. Hosted by Kid Reporter Arianna Anderson. 

6:45 PM - 8:00 PM

Raytheon Technologies Invention Convention U.S. Nationals Awards Ceremony

Join us Live from the Yellow Carpet at 6:45pm ET to see the celebrities of the evening and countdown to the big event. The Awards Ceremony begins at 7:00pm ET

Useful Links

See card : Invention Log

Invention Log

Track your progress from coming up with an idea right on through to presenting a prototype.

See card : Video Guidelines

Video Guidelines

Learn how to prepare a video that effectively communicates key aspects of your presentation to competition judges.

See card : Alumni


Use your experience to mentor the student inventors who are following in your footsteps.

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