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Get the tools and guidance you need to identify problems that affect your world, and come up with solutions to solve them. Learn how to turn your ideas into inventions and your inventions into real products and services that can help people in their daily lives.

Meet the Student Reporters

The ICW Student Reporter program provides young inventors with opportunities to network and create connections with fellow ICW inventors.

2023-24 Student Reporter

Meet Suhani!

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2023-24 Student Reporter

Meet Dylan!

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2023-24 Student Reporter

Meet Jasmine!

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ICW Alumni

Are you an alumnus of Invention Convention Worldwide or a regional affiliate program?

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Invention Convention Alumni: Keep connected with the program, and learn more about ways to continue your invention journey, including mentorship and judging opportunities. All alumni 18 years and older are invited to sign up for our alumni newsletter to learn more.

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Invention Conventions happen through schools, after-school programs, clubs and other organizations. State and local Invention Convention programs are springing up all over the world!

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