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  • March 27, 2023
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2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Invention Convention Worldwide. Earlier this year we announced the Utah Invention Convention as a new affiliate program. We are thrilled to introduce another new affiliate program: Texas Invent, a program of Novum Education, LLC.

Texas Invent is an organization which strives to foster the development of innovative students capable of shaping a better future for the Texas community and themselves. As part of its invention education programming, Texas Invent will host the Invention Convention Texas competition annually.

This new affiliate program is managed by our friends Gilberto Pineda and Nancy Pineda Alanis, who are also the program managers of Mexico Inventa, one of ICW’s international affiliates. They are excited to join the ICW family in the United States and bring invention education to students in Texas. “We are aligned with ICW on the mission of developing the skills needed to build invention and innovation competencies for the students. Invention Convention is an excellent platform for the students we serve.”

Gilberto and Nancy also believe that it is critical for students to have access to events like Invention Convention where they can network and compete with like-minded student inventors from different states and around the world. In its first year, Invention Convention Texas will be will be piloting a virtual competition in April.

We are excited to see the impact that invention education will have on the students in Texas. Join us in welcoming them to the ICW family! You can learn more about Invention Convention Texas through the Texas Invent website.

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