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inHub is a Community Built by Educators for Educators

The purpose of inHub is to help prepare all learners to be world-changing innovators, inventors & entrepreneurs leveraging primary sources from The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation.

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A Global Resource for Activating an Innovative Mindset

In a rapidly changing world, we face a critical task: to help young people develop the innovative mindset they will need to address global changes. But research shows that barriers exist relating to class, race and gender. By exposing learners to innovation concepts, activities and approaches, we can narrow the opportunity gap and prepare more young innovators than ever.



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Professional Development Opportunities

Embed innovation, invention and entrepreneurship learning in your classroom through professional development


Online Courses Soon

Collaborate with like-minded educators through online courses that foster innovative thinking in your school and classroom.


Workshops Soon

Learn about innovation learning using real-life artifacts and primary sources through immersive in-person and virtual workshops.


THF Conversations Soon

Stay curious and up-to-date on the latest innovation learning strategies, approaches and resources by attending conversations led by innovation experts.


Start with Unparalleled Collections

The Henry Ford’s inHub draws from the inspiring stories and expertise found within The Henry Ford Archive of American Innovation. With 26 million unparalleled objects representing over 300 years of the American experience, the collection features artifacts that have changed the world – including the Rosa Parks Bus, Wright Brothers Cycle Shop, Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park, the Apple 1 and so much more.


Provide Valuable Historical Context

Through inHub, The Henry Ford makes its resources and content broadly applicable to educators working across a range of disciplines, providing historical context and ultimately reinforcing the talent pipeline.


Deliver Immersive Experiences

inHub emphasizes experiences that are immersive, active and direct to prepare young people to be a part of can-do culture.

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Dive into self-paced courses and exciting, hands-on experiences that can help you to think and act like an innovator.


Enterprise Learners

Find the courses, resources and experiences to fuel your career passion and further your professional development.

A Community Built by Educators for Educators

Help prepare all learners to be world-changing innovators, inventors & entrepreneurs.

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