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The generosity of the following partners helps The Henry Ford further its educational initiatives to provide accessible and inclusive tools, resources and networks for educators, students and parents across the globe.

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Innovation Education

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Innovation Learning

Jacobson Institute

The Jacobson Institute at the University of Iowa has a vision for K-12 education that infuses innovation, inventiveness and entrepreneurial thinking because the world needs problem solvers and creative thinkers. This vision aligns perfectly with the innovation learning approach of inHub and its community, and their programs provide the perfect extension to the content and programming of inHub. Connect to our program partners at the Jacobson Institute, and find out more about their BizInnovator Startup, Kid Innovator and STEM Innovator® programs.

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Program Partner In
Innovation Learning


InventEd, an initiative of The Lemelson Foundation, is a network of K-12 educators, nonprofit leaders, researchers, government agencies, funders, and others who are building and supporting the field of Invention Education. InventEd members connect throughout the year to learn from one another, share resources and progress, collectively identify and solve problems that advance the field, and increase engagement and understanding of Invention Education. Learn more about InventEd, become a member, and connect with a growing community of Invention Educators.

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A Community Built by Educators for Educators

Help prepare all learners to be world-changing innovators, inventors & entrepreneurs.

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Connect core disciplinary understanding to the real-world.

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Introduce them to iconic inventions, inspiring individuals, and unique settings that have changed the world.

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