The Innovation Atlas

Creating an equitable future starts with raising the awareness of inequitable conditions impacting innovation in America.

What is the Innovation Atlas?

A Resource for Identifying the Barriers Impacting Innovation

The Innovation Atlas is an interactive custom mapping tool, or geographic information system (GIS), of the United States that visualizes the education and socioeconomic barriers impacting innovation.


Leveraging the initial release of social mobility data from the Opportunity Atlas at Harvard University, The Henry Ford built a custom proprietary model that includes school attributes and additional socioeconomic attributes and validated research, to produce the Innovation Atlas Score. The score is then applied to 85,000 public schools across America, providing transparency about the inequitable barriers and justifying the need for invention education.

Accessing Innovation Atlas

Who Can Use The Innovation Atlas?

inHub members, Invention Convention Worldwide Affiliates and partner organizations can access an enhanced version of The Innovation Atlas (Innovation Atlas Explorer), with additional data elements and functionality (tools). This engages and helps them prioritize programmatic resources, solutions and growth efforts.

If not an inHub member, affiliate or partner organization, a publicly accessible version of the Innovation Atlas can be accessed here.

Raises Awareness

of inequitable conditions impacting students, schools, communities and innovation.

Provides Transparency

justifying the need for invention and innovation education.

Outlines the Landscape

for impacting invention and innovation education.

Helps inHub and Partner Organizations

prioritize resources and growth efforts for programmatic solutions and services in the communities served.

Why The Innovation Atlas?

Identifying areas of inequity provides the opportunity and justification for invention education, aligning with inHub's goal to grow and support innovation equitably.

Using the Innovation Atlas

How It Works

The Innovation Atlas allows you to zoom, click, apply filters and search an area or place of interest for a customized experience.



Use the search bar to quickly locate your community of interest. You can also zoom in and use your mouse to click and drag around the map to explore other areas. Click on your community of interest to begin seeing the Innovation Atlas Scorecard.


Toggle Between Map Layers

Use layers to toggle among The Why, The Solutions and The Research to uncover key barriers with the greatest gaps in Upward Innovation (a subset of Upward Mobility).


Filter Data for Unique Insights

Leverage the filter to quickly explore innovation ratings by state, county or school district.

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