Innovate for Tots

Give Your Early Learners an Introduction to STEAM

Make material science come alive for curious preschoolers using integrated STEAM-based activities focused on 18 unique materials.

Interdisciplinary & Hands-On Activities

Using themed materials, these lively activities also feature storytelling, project-based learning, science, discovery, artifact viewing and classroom exploration.

Drawing on artifacts, stories, and content from The Henry Ford’s Archive of American Innovation, Innovate for Tots helps to lay the foundation for a lifelong interest in problem-solving and discovery.

Curriculum for Your Classroom

Ready-to-use lesson plans and activities to foster innovative thinking skills. 

Lesson Plan


Explore fancy rocks, useful rocks, edible rocks and fun rocks and their many uses as tools, trade, fashion, or building materials.

Innovate for Tots

PreK - 2

language-arts, social-studies, stem

Lesson Plan


Wood is flexible, sturdy, strong and easily shaped with tools. It’s a great material for early airplanes, cars, boats, homes and furniture.

Innovate for Tots

PreK - 2

language-arts, social-studies, stem

Lesson Plan

Wood & Rock

Take a fresh look at wood and rock to discover how these materials are combined to create useful new objects we use in our daily lives.

Innovate for Tots

PreK - 2

language-arts, social-studies, stem

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