Giant Screen Experience

The Henry Ford's giant-size theater superscales the imagination with a state-of-the-art 4K experience.

Teacher’s Choice

Take Your Students on an Amazing Journey

At The Henry Ford, teachers run the show. Your school group can customize a Giant Screen Experience with your choice of morning programming. Choose from a selection of movies and times.

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Choose Your Film and Showtime

Select a film from the list of great new films and classic educator favorites. Please note films can vary in length depending on the title.

Once you have selected your film, choose from two convenient weekday morning showtimes at 10 a.m. or 11:10 a.m.

NEW 40 minutes

Cities of the Future

40 minutes

Secrets of the Sea

(Grades 2-8; Earth’s Systems, Ecosystems, Biological Evolution)

45 minutes

Wings Over Water 3D

(Grades K-8; Natural Sciences and Earth Sciences)

40 minutes

Great Bear Rainforest

(Grades K-12; Science, ELA, Social Studies)

47 minutes

Apollo 11: First Steps

(Grades 3-12; STEM, Physics, Social Studies)

20 minutes

Hidden Pacific

(Grades 2-8; Earth Science, Natural History)

40 minutes

Into America's Wild

(Grades K-8; Earth Science, Natural History, Geography)

45 minutes

Back from the Brink 3D

(Grades 3-8; Earth Science)

47 minutes

Superpower Dogs 3D

(Grades 1-8; Science)

41 minutes

Planet Power

(Grades 3-12; Earth Science)

Seasonal 1 hour 40 minutes

The Polar Express

Request Your Field Trip Today

Request your customized Giant Screen Experience by contacting The Henry Ford Contact Center at 313.982.6001 (press 1 for a group reservation specialist) or by submitting an online reservation form today.

Request Your Reservation

Before You Arrive

Make the Most of Your Visit

Field trips to The Henry Ford achieve high ratings and rave reviews from educators and students alike. To make your visit as smooth and enjoyable as possible, check out these handy tips, suggestions, and guidelines.

Checking In

Exit your buses immediately once you have reached your designated check-in location. During peak visitation times, a designated group waiting area may be assigned upon arrival. Please have your group wait at this area while the group leader checks-in. This will eliminate overcrowding at the check-in station.

Tickets & Payments

All reservations for Giant Screen Experience must be booked and paid in full a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your film date. Unpaid reservations will be canceled upon the 3-week deadline. Due to limited staffing, no exceptions will be made.

Teachers from the same school must have separate reservations if they are paying separately. Please note all additional tickets must be added on at one time. We will not be able to accommodate multiple transactions on one reservation.

THF Members must pay for Teacher’s Choice films when accompanying a field trip.

Expectations for Chaperones

For the safety of your students and the consideration of our other guests, we ask that you be responsible for the behavior of your students. Lack of supervision or inappropriate behavior may result in staff asking a field trip group to leave.

We require one adult per 10 students and can refuse entry if this requirement is not met. Teachers MUST pay for and authorize any additional (last-minute) chaperones to qualify for the school group rate. Any adults that are not paid for by a teacher as an addition to the school’s original reservation will be charged the regular daily admission fee. There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Food Options

Our concession stand does offer Kid's Combos (small drink and popcorn) that must be booked and paid for at least 48 hours prior to your visit. Please inquire about drink options upon booking. Groups wishing to eat lunch onsite may reserve space in our student dining area at the other end of the museum. The area can accommodate up to 200 guests and is available for use in half-hour increments. We recommend chaperones bring backpacks to hold lunches or bring your own wagons as we have a very limited amount of lunch wagons. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups wishing to purchase lunch on-site may do so from Plum Market Kitchen, but please be prepared for long wait times during peak visitation.

Navigating the Giant Screen Experience

When visiting the Giant Screen Experience, please be courteous to the guests around you by silencing your cellphones. Any photography during the film is strictly prohibited. Please discard all trash and recycle your 3D glasses upon exiting the theater.

Guidance for Students

As in any movie, talking and photographs during screenings are not allowed. Please treat the theater as your classroom. Know who your chaperone is and stay with them at all times. We may ask any group to leave if they cannot follow these and our other simple guidelines.


While our scholarship program does not cover admission for the Ford Rouge Factory Tour or Giant Screen Experience, we are honored to offer transportation scholarships thanks to the generous support from key corporate and foundation sponsors as well as donations from members and guests.

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Included Students and Adults*
Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation®$12.00
Greenfield Village®Additional $7 per ticket for train ride$14.00
Ford Rouge Factory Tour Payment is due 3 weeks in advance$12.00
Giant Screen Experience Payment is due 3 weeks in advance
Additional $4 Kids Concession Combo
Any 2 Venues *1 free ticket per 10 kids for some venues.$18-20
Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation®$12.00
Greenfield Village®Additional $7 per ticket for train ride$14.00
Ford Rouge Factory Tour$12.00
Giant Screen Experience$8.50
Any 2 Venues *1 free ticket per 10 kids for some venues $18-20

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