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  • February 21, 2023

The inHub team is partnering with WeAreTeachers to create fun and engaging ready-to-use resources that you can use right now in your classroom. These resources help students build innovative mindsets using content found on The Henry Ford’s inHub. Get these materials below and discover even more by becoming an inHub member.

Article: I Teach Innovation in the Elementary Classroom, and You Can Too! 

Rachel Lamb is a second-grade teacher from Colorado and a past winner of The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation Teacher Innovator Awards, presented by Raytheon Technologies. In this article, learn how she integrates the Actions of Innovation and the Habits of an Innovator – The Henry Ford’s Model i learning framework – into her classroom to inspire and empower her elementary students.

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Free Bulletin Board Kit that Teaches Students to “Think Like an Inventor”

Looking for a hands-on, visual way to explore how innovation happens? This free “Think Like an Inventor” bulletin board kit includes cards that feature the Actions of Innovation and the Habits of an Innovator, as well as eight cards of “Incredible Innovations” from The Henry Ford’s collection to help you and your students map the journeys of historic innovations.  

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Take a Virtual Museum Tour with this Educational Scavenger Hunt