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Fall 2023 inHub Activities & Programs

  • February 20, 2024

From STEAM activities with our youngest learners to a panel discussion supporting Mandela: The Official Exhibition, the inHub team has been engaging with youth and educators alike!

Youth & Family Learning Engagement

Tinkering for Tots

At Tinkering for Tots, young learners explore new ideas, overcome challenges, work with others and make connections. From October through December, we welcomed 287 young learners, 11 pre-K classrooms and 23 educators to Tinkering for Tots, where they practiced the Habits of an Innovator through storytelling, play, artifact exploration and a take-home STEAM activity kit. Join us every second Tuesday of the month through May for storytelling, play and exploration with Tinkering for Tots.

Tinkering for Tots   Tinkering for Tots

Educator Professional Development and Certification

Kentucky Educational Development Corporation Webinars

In October and November, the Learning & Engagement team led two webinars for the Kentucky Educational Development Corporation. The first webinar in October was about Ford Motor Company and the social impacts of industrialization, particularly the $5 day, Ford’s Sociological Department and unionization. The second webinar, led by Debra Reid, curator of agriculture and the environment at The Henry Ford, was held in November. This talk was entitled The Industrial Revolution and Its Environmental Impacts and focused on the intersection of the mechanization of agriculture and industrialization. Deb also explored how mechanization and industrialization impacted (and continues to impact) our environment and climate. Each webinar used artifacts and stories from The Henry Ford's collections as well as our Model i learning framework. Over 30 educators attended each session.

Wayne RESA Maker Teachers Cohort

On October 24, we hosted 28 educators representing school districts across Wayne County, all of whom are active in maker education. These teachers are part of a multiyear cohort created by Wayne RESA and gather regularly to discuss their progress. While they were at The Henry Ford, the L&E team had a chance to introduce the educators to inHub and the Model i learning framework, lead an activity adapted from the Invention Convention Curriculum, and take them on a tour of the museum to help them connect Model i to their classrooms. We were thrilled to once again host a highly engaged group of educators with our partner Wayne RESA.

Wayne RESA Teachers Cohort    Wayne RESA Teachers Cohort

Learning Resources & Assets

Mandela Exhibition: Educator Resources

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation hosted Mandela: The Official Exhibition from October 21, 2023-January 15, 2024. The exhibit took guests on a personal journey through the life of the world’s most iconic freedom fighter and political leader, Nelson Mandela. To support educators who were visiting the exhibit or wanted to bring the story of Nelson Mandela into their classrooms, we organized a package of educator resources.

The resources included field trip supports, curriculum standards alignment, and 14 lesson plans and activities designed by the creators of the exhibit. These materials enhanced the exhibition's focus on Nelson Mandela (Madiba) and his life to foster meaningful engagement with its powerful displays and rare artifacts. They sought to extend beyond the exhibit to bridge gaps in students' understanding, connecting to their current interests and weaving in London's Freedom Struggle history.

Educators provided feedback, saying they found our "Collections Connections," which highlighted related artifacts, videos and exhibits from The Henry Ford, useful for helping students connect to their own experiences through further exploration during a field trip visit, on their own time or back in the classroom. 

While the exhibit is no longer at The Henry Ford, educators who wish to utilize this resource to tell the story of Nelson Mandela can access it by signing up for a free inHub account.

Nelson Mandela: Leadership Lessons for Today

During the run of Mandela: The Official Exhibition, The Henry Ford offered many programs and events to support the exhibit. In November, Lucie Howell, chief learning officer at The Henry Ford, served as the moderator for an inspiring author talk and panel discussion titled Nelson Mandela: Leadership Lessons for Today. The talk featured authors Christo Brand and Andrew Russell – each with a personal connection to Nelson Mandela. As a prison guard, Brand was responsible for guarding Mandela during his life sentence at Robben Island Prison and later at Pollsmoor Prison, where the pair developed a close friendship over the course of many years. Russell is a South African storyteller and leadership coach as well as Brand’s manager and editor. Around 200 guests attended the event.

Nelson Mandela: Leadership Lessons for Today   Nelson Mandela: Leadership Lessons for Today
Nelson Mandela: Leadership Lessons for Today   Nelson Mandela: Leadership Lessons for Today;

What’s Next?

Check out our upcoming activities and programs for 2024:

  • In January and February, we’re welcoming fifth graders from the Detroit Public Schools Community District for field trips to Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.
  • The Henry Ford’s Teacher Innovator Awards, presented by RTX, are accepting applications through February 26. Learn more and apply today.
  • We’re accepting applications for the 2024-25 Educators-in-Residence program through April 12.
  • Registration for The Henry Ford Summer Camps opens March 13 for members of The Henry Ford and March 20 to the public. This year, we’re reactivating Camp 7 for entering seventh graders. Learn more.
  • In April and May, we’re welcoming fourth graders from the Detroit Public Schools Community District for field trips to Greenfield Village.

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